3 Reasons You May Need Crown Lengthening

3 Reasons You May Need Crown Lengthening

With the increasing developments in Dental Sciences, experts like Elite Dental have found that sometimes, tooth and gum problems may only be symptoms. There are various circumstances where the solution to these problems lies deeper. In such situations, crown lengthening process might be needed.

It is first important to understand, What Is Crown Lengthening? The crown is the part of the tooth that is projecting from the gum. In crown lengthening, qualified dentists remove the extra gum tissues to expose the tooth below. This leads to the lengthening of the visible part of the tooth.

The following are 3 Reasons Why Patients Get Crown Lengthening:

  • Longer Gums

Some people naturally have teeth that appear to be small and disproportionately longer gums. They are often frustrated and unhappy because of their “gummy smile”. But worrying is unnecessary as there is a simple and easy solution to the problem.

In such circumstances by removing the excess gum tissues, the crown can be lengthened. This process can make the teeth look aesthetically appealing.

  • No scope for actual crowns

It is quite common for people to have inadequate “tooth” to allow for a proper fitting crown. In such circumstances, while there are other artificial techniques available, crown lengthening is the best procedure to resort to. This ensures that something extra is not added to your tooth and only the unnecessary part of the gum tissues is reduced. The result is a beautiful smile!

  • Damaged teeth

Sometimes due to accidents or gum diseases like Periodontal disease, the teeth below the gum can be damaged. In such situations, there is often a lot of pain and ordinary dentists find it difficult to work out a solution. But highly qualified dentists at Elite Dental perform a crown lengthening procedure. It is simple and helps to expose the damaged part for treatment.

It is important to also understand that this is a very complex procedure. It requires dentists who are adept and only perform the procedure when it is needed. A little deviation can lead to various problems and hence, services of professionals like Elite Dental should be resorted to.