4 things to consider before getting dental implants

4 things to consider before getting dental implants

Tooth loss is one of the most common dental issues faced by people across the globe. Though it’s quite common and one of the most ignored dental issues, it’s quite serious matter and if ignored, it can lead to complete teeth loss affecting your facial structure.

When you lose a tooth, the alveolar bone which helped in supporting the tooth begins to weaken and you experience tooth loss says dentist in Fountain Valley, CA. You not just lose bone but all your teeth may shift around and you will experience bite issues as well as pain in jaw. However, the modern dental technology has made it easier to overcome to issue of lost tooth. The dental implants are successful in 95% of the cases and look as natural as your old previous tooth. Not just that, it’s also strong as your natural tooth. According to the dentist in CA 92708, Dental implants can restore single as well as more than one tooth.

Here’s a Look at 4 things to Consider before Getting Dental Implants:

  • Age

It is not advisable to put a post on children or teenagers as their bones are still growing.

  • Pregnancy

If you are expecting at the moment, the dentist in Brookhurst, will most likely advice you to wait till you give birth. It is then advisable to get the dental implants as there should be no complications during pregnancy.

  • Smoking

It has been observed that the success rate is relatively low in people who smoke as compared to people who don’t smoke.

  • Disease

Some diseases such as the hemophilia, unmanaged diabetes, and immune deficiencies can put you at the risk of undergoing dental implant placement. The dentist will examine your case and let you know the right options. You can learn more about dental implants by consulting your dentist.

You can lose one or more tooth because of decay or any accident, but you don’t need to compromise with it as modern dental procedures have made it easier and comfortable to replace your missing teeth.