When we talk about a dentist’s work what we understand it as is restoring and cleaning of teeth so that our oral health stays intact. But this process is not that simple as we think it to be, because this process also requires tooth extraction at times. Tooth extraction can actually help you and is not a misconception, as suggested by Elite Dental, in the following conditions-

Dental trauma: This is the condition where your teeth breaks or gets fractured because of an accident. This takes place under the gum-line and needs immediate treatment because of the following reasons-

  • This tooth can be saved if you manage to reach the nearest dentist on time
  • If teeth are broken then put them in a container with milk, till the time you don’t reach to the dentist

Alignment Issues: After losing your milk teeth, you get permanent teeth in their place. Sometimes these permanent teeth come are not in the required alignment as they are supposed to be. This may also lead to the solution of extraction of teeth. When aligning the teeth is not possible for the following reasons, then extracting them is necessary-

  • Sometimes, a few teeth don’t come in the right position too
  • Two or more teeth get clustered in the same area and you face the problem of crowding, even this changes the alignment of teeth

Orthodontic treatment: Orthodontic treatment plays an important role in aligning of teeth as well. During childhood, parents want to have their children’s teeth aligned. Orthodontists sometimes need to remove some teeth to give this perfect alignment:

  • They perform many activities such as aligning the teeth, fixing appliances or fixing for space maintenance
  • Removing and implanting teeth as per the necessity of the situation

Preparation for dentures: People lose their teeth because of their age or after meeting an accident. During the preparation of dentures, they might have to remove a few teeth because of the following reasons-

  • For getting half or full denture set of their teeth
  • To add artificial teeth or perform the implant procedure also they need to get a few teeth removed

Wisdom tooth/teeth: Wisdom teeth don’t add value in your teeth but rather have the potential to create a problem for you. In cases you are facing issues because of it, it is a better idea to get rid of it otherwise it can cause problems like

  • Changing the alignment of your teeth
  • Swelling in gums and cause non-stop pain in your teeth because of which you would start avoiding eating

To get any dental procedure done, you need to contact Elite Dental or a nearby dental clinic. The dentist would guide you with the perfect way to get the “oh-so-perfect” smile.