All About Dental Implants: The Jaw-Dropping Facts

All About Dental Implants: The Jaw-Dropping Facts

Dental implant in Fountain Valley has emerged as one of the most effective option for tooth replacement. They are effective and durable in the long run. You can think of the dental implant as a prosthetic tooth. There are many misconceptions about the dental implants and what they are and what does the procedure involve.

Here’s a look at some information on dental implants that you may find useful.

How Dental Implants Are Used

When you get your tooth removed surgically, the oral surgeon in CA 92708 not only removes the tooth but they go into your gum and bone where the tooth roots are anchored. They remove the roots and the entire tooth structure. If you are looking for a permanent replacement of your missing tooth, the dentist may suggest implants. After extraction, you may be fitted with a temporary removable retainer-like device which covers the exposed area.

What is a Dental Implant?

The dental implant is different from a typical crown. The crown sits on the gum line. What makes dental implant effective and durable is that it is surgically implanted inside your jawbone where the missing tooth roots used to be. It replaces the roots of your tooth. The titanium post inside the jaw becomes the support that anchors the rest of the tooth. The anchor turns the entire implant into a prosthetic tooth.

The Importance of Bone Structure

Since your dentist needs to surgically implant the titanium post into your jawbone, the first step is to determine whether your existing bone is strong and healthy enough to support the post. When you lose teeth in the back of the top of your mouth, the bone which supports the teeth begins to deteriorate. In this case, bone grafting will be performed first for replacing the lost bone and creating a strong enough bone structure for supporting the implant. Bone grafting is not as scary as it sounds. The doctor will do it right in the office with help of sedation dentistry.

You no more need to feel embarrassed about your missing tooth.