Composite Resin Fillings: Procedure And Benefits

Composite Resin Fillings: Procedure And Benefits

For years, the only option for tooth filling was the silver-coloured amalgam filings. Silver tooth fillings are not only unpleasing to look at but are also an indicator of poor oral hygiene. There were other options for natural-looking cosmetic treatments. Then again, these cosmetic treatments were mostly quite expensive.

With the advancement in cosmetic dental technology, many problems have been solved. There has been more affordable natural-looking treatment available in the market. Composite resin fillings are a white tooth filling that has gained popularity for repairing the damage caused by cavities or tooth decay.

These resin teeth are free of mercury. It was found in amalgam. Hence, it is free from harmful side effects. There are several other advantages related to composite resin filling too.

What is Composite Resin Filling?

Tooth Color filling in Fountain Valley, CA is made up of plastic and powdered glass. Apart from looking like natural teeth, the dental composite also gives the feels of natural teeth. The composite can improve the appearance of the teeth by restoring decayed teeth. It also repairs discolouration, fills up the gaps between your teeth, repairs chipped teeth and evens out the teeth.

What is the procedure of getting Composite Resin Filling?

The procedure of composite resin filling is less invasive, but a little complicated. Firstly, your dentist will isolate your tooth from the saliva to dry it out. Then he/she will drill out the infected part of the tooth. Then the composite resin is placed in layers and hardened immediately with a special light. After the tooth is filled, the composite is shaped to resemble your tooth.

The procedure composite resin fillings require expertise. The dentists at Elite Dental Cosmetic and Implant Centre are well experienced in restorative procedures. They will ensure that you leave their office satisfied with your smile.

What are the benefits of getting Composite resin Filling?

1. Fewer Drilling

Composite fillings are less pervasive. They require little drilling as compared to the other types of fillings. Since the composite bonds with the natural toothless drilling are required. Other types of fillings require a significant portion of the tooth along with the infected part to be removed. It also weakens the structure of the teeth. Moreover, since it requires less drilling, you can also get front tooth filling which might not be possible in other tooth fillings.

2. It hardens quickly

The procedure takes less time than other filling procedure. The special light immediately hardens the layers of composite resin. Other types of fillings require a lot more time to get cured and function normally.

3. Bonds with the existing tooth

The best thing about the composite resin is that it bonds with the existing tooth. The natural tooth is prepped with the bonding agent first. Then the tooth is inserted with onlays. As the composite hardens, it bonds with the natural tooth. This not only makes your teeth structurally sound but also is more durable.

4. Repairable

Resin Dental filling in Fountain Valley, CA can be repaired if it suffers from degradation or accidental breakage. This could happen due to excessive chewing or grinding of the teeth. The dentists at Elite Dental clinic will clean as well as repair your filling if it is necessary.

5. Reduces teeth gap and repairs chipped tooth

Quick bonding process makes the composite resin an ideal option for repairing chipped teeth. The durability and natural appearance make it a perfect candidate for creating resin-based veneers.

6. Less pain and tooth sensitivity

Composite filling causes lesser tooth sensitivity as compared to other types of fillings. This happens because the resin provides a shield against the hot and cold temperature of the food and drinks we take in. Tooth sensitivity is a rare case in a resin filling. And if it happens, it is only temporary and of mild nature.

You will easily find a dentist near you. You can contact the experts at Elite Dental Cosmetic and Implant Centre. Their dedicated team will explain to you the options that are available to you. They will help you in deciding a treatment plan that meets your requirements. They can help you bring your confident smile back at affordable prices. Visit them soon.