Cosmetic dentistry

So, you have a cavity. Typically, a simple filling procedure at Elite Dental will fix the issue and get you back to normal with a quick appointment. However, in certain circumstances a cavity is too large to fill since the removal of the decayed area will not leave enough natural tooth behind.

For a large portion of the dental industry, that meant the tooth would need to be pulled and then replaced with veneers or a bridge, which could become very costly. Especially considering the appointment started out as a simple cavity repair.

Dr. Azi wants to provide his clients of Fountain Valley with every option available to them, never forcing a patient to accept less than exactly what they want.

When to Choose Restorative Procedures

In the cases where a crown, or cap, cannot be used to shore up the structure of the tooth, a restorative treatment such as inlays and onlays can be used to repair the damage and return the tooth to full function. Inlays and onlays in Fountain Valley, CA fit directly into, or over the tooth, depending on the location and spread of the cavity, and act similarly to a filling. These options are a great choice when conventional repairs aren’t possible or won’t provide the best results.

How They Work

Both restorative treatments fit into the grooves or around the cusps of the tooth. Inlays are positioned within the cusp of the tooth, essentially filling the gap left behind after the decayed portion has been removed. An onlay, the larger variant, wraps over the cusps to cover more of the tooth’s chewing surface. Together they work to fill the void left behind and then secure the stability of the remaining natural tooth.

Post Appointment Care

Restorative treatments should be handled just like normal teeth once the procedure is completed. There are still natural parts of the tooth remaining that need care, the same as any other tooth. Regular brushing and flossing combined with antiseptic mouthwash will keep the inlays and onlays performing well and looking great for years to come. Elite Dental’s staff is well educated and experienced in restorative treatments, and we’re here to get you back to smiling big and bright when you’re ready for you new restorative treatments like inlays & onlays in Fountain Valley, CA.

dr azadeh

Azadeh Ashtiany (Dr. Azi)

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Dr. Azi is a graduate from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry. She has been practicing Dentistry in Southern California since graduation. Dr. Azi is a member of the Orange County Dental Society, The California Dental Association and the American Dental Association.